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I'm a twenty-something gal from Belfast in Northern Ireland who has a fervent love for fancy tea, G&Ts, literature and horror movies.
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Hello, welcome, you’ve stumbled upon a blog! One of many within this vast, overwhelming, beautiful, ugly, equalising, dividing tapestry of thought that we call the internet. I feel honoured that you selected this blog out of the 12039172398179381 others out there.


I’ve spent a lot of time painstakingly trying to find where my blog “fits” within this tapestry. I don’t write about fashion, beauty or interiors like many blogs out there. And I don’t say that to be like i’M sO ~uNiQuE~ I just generally make a point of staying away from these topics because they are not my forte.


I write about what excites me and that largely centres around –


Kaityhall.com is an online space for my fellow discerning culture junkies. I’m talking about the people who get unduly excited about an upcoming show or film. Who like to talk in-depth about their favourite tv show moments or a gig they’ve recently attended despite that glaze in the eye of the listener. Who want to know whether to invest the time in an artist or band they’ve heard about.


It’s for those who constantly have their ear to the ground for a new recommendation.


We’re at saturation point when it comes to new content for consumption. This is both fantastic and dreadfully overwhelming. Whether it’s film, tv, audio, music or reading material – the sheer amount of choice is dizzying.


This blog is all about positing a few recommendations for the next show you’ll love or your next podcast obsession through reviews, round-ups and thought-pieces.


Food, travel and my home city play an important part too because I only spend about 80% of my free time glued to a tv screen, listening to a podcast or reading a book. That other 20% is spent writing, heading out in Belfast, stuffing my face, making tea or travelling. Sometimes a combination of those things.


I grew to love blogs because of the retreat they bring from regular media outlets and the personality and sense of community that can be found within them.


I hope that you find that same joy within this online space.




Kaity Hall Blog

It’s Kaity. Sometimes Kate. Not Katy, Katie, Katey, Kaithy, Kathy, Keith or Katherine.


Good to clear that up – the spelling of my name is a continual source of confoundment to people.


This blog is brought to you from Belfast, the complicated little capital city of Northern Ireland that I love dearly but also occasionally despair over too.


I write a lot about my home city and some of the cafes, restaurants or events I’ve attended here. You can find these in the Belfast section.


I’ll close with some of my greatest joys in life, to give you some semblance of the kind of person that I am –


Driving on sunny days, sitting in coffee shops much longer than you should, drinking from large mugs, when tea is the perfect drinking temperature, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, second hand book shops, Christian Bale, classic rock, cinnamon, Kyle MacLachlan (I once tweeted him and he liked the goddamn tweet, HE LIKED IT PEOPLE), Twin Peaks, X-Files, gin, chai lattes, the Welsh accent, burritos, pastel colours, wearing shirts that look like pyjama tops, afternoon tea, Indian food, floral prints, Gilmore Girls, stand up comedy, new socks, horror films/books/tv shows/anything, Star Wars, new notebooks, Skyrim, carrot cake, true crime documentaries, taco chips, mint, Tomb Raider, trips to Ikea, doggo memes, almost anything teal coloured.


If you’d like to get in contact with me with any questions, feedback or just want a chat, you can do so via email kaityhallblog@gmail.com, the contact form below, or you can tweet me @Kaity_Hall