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I'm a twenty-something gal from Belfast in Northern Ireland who has a fervent love for fancy tea, G&Ts, literature and horror movies.
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RIGHT. Let’s get one thing straight: I strongly dislike writing about me pages. Don’t ask me why. Writing this page will be… uncomfortable for me. So, let’s get it over with shall we?


I’m Kaity. The spelling of my name confuses people, a lot. I’ve never really understood why. There’s no super interesting story behind it; just that my Mum thought that was how the name Katie/Katy was normally spelt and upon realising she was incorrect she decided her spelling was nicer anyway. And I have to agree. I can live with everyone’s confusion and the red squiggly line in Word docs.


I’m a twenty-something gal from Belfast in Northern Ireland who has a fervent love for fancy tea, G&Ts, literature and horror movies.


After reading many, many blogs over the space of a few months, I, like so many before me, felt wonderfully inspired by the sheer multitude of endlessly interesting, informing reading material on the great expanse of the internet. And thus had a real itch to try my own hand at it.


So, here we are.


I should note that I have, in the past, had a love affair with blogging.


I started a blog back in 2012 as a step in building writing experience. It became a bit of a boring, online portfolio and because of that it lacked personality. Which I’ve come to find is the very thing that makes blogs so captivating and why I enjoy reading them – the unique, personal stories that are a certain kind of retreat from regular media.


So, me & blogging are thinking of making this into a more, serious, long-term relationship type thing.


I write because I need to. I’m happiest when I’m in the zone, wired on a cup of coffee, typing away without noticing the hours go by. Or scribbling incessantly in my many, many notebooks brainstorming my next post or penning down ideas.


If this blog entertains and/or informs you in some way then I’ve achieved what I set out to do.


You’ll find me writing about my true love (tea), podcasts, music, film & TV, books, cafes, restaurants and travel.


Here’s some of my fav posts:

Why I Feel Awkward About Blogging

An Afternoon at SD Bells Tea Specialists and Coffee Roasters

June Podcast Round Up (my first monthly podcast round)


BASICALLY, what you will find here is anything that I’m excited/flabbergasted/happy/annoyed about in the world and that I think other people will benefit in some way from reading.


I’ll close with a few things that I love (in no particular order) to give you some sort of semblance of the kind of person that I am other than someone who loves writing (except her About page) –


Driving on sunny days, sitting in coffee shops much longer than you should, drinking from large mugs, when tea is the perfect drinking temperature, second hand book shops, classic rock, cinnamon, Kyle MacLachlan (I once tweeted him and he liked it HE LIKED IT), Twin Peaks, gin, Caitlin Moran, Welsh accents, burritos, pastel colours, wearing shirts that look like pyjama tops, Broad City, afternoon tea, Indian food, floral prints, Gilmore Girls, stand up comedy, new socks, horror films/books/tv shows, Star Wars, new notebooks, Skyrim, carrot cake, crime documentaries, taco chips, spicy food, mint, Tomb Raider, trips to Ikea, doggo memes, almost anything teal coloured.


If you’d like to get in contact with me with any questions, feedback or just want a wee chat, please send ’em on through to – kaityhallblog@gmail.com