An Impromptu Coffee and Donut Date: Oh! Donuts Belfast | Kaity Hall
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Oh! Donuts Belfast

03 Jan An Impromptu Coffee & Donut Date: Oh! Donuts Belfast

I don’t think I have ever met someone who describes themselves as a “morning person.” Mornings are nice, I like the morning, it’s the actual task of getting out of bed which is the problem and unfortunately the two kinda go together.

There needs to be a really good reason for me to uncomplainingly will myself out of bed – a coffee and donut combo happens to be one of them. To get Friday off to a good start, Scott & I decided to have an impromptu BREAKFAST DATE. My first ever breakfast date, I think. We hit up the new donut place I’d spied on my route to work Oh! Donuts.

Oh! Donuts is the latest addition to Belfast’s budding gourmet donut scene, joining the ranks with East Belfast’s Guilt Trip donuts and Smithfield-based Doughzy Donuts (if you know of any other donut joints hmu). Situated on Upper Arthur Street, close to Victoria Square, I walk up this street pretty much every day so I was quick to spy delicious looking donuts on my commute. Needless to say it will be difficult not making it a regular morning pit-stop. I’d been fighting the urge to call in each morning that week so when Friday finally arrived it seemed only fair really that I finally got a donut and coffee for breakfast.

Oh! Donuts Coffee Belfast

A bright combo of white and pastel colours along with charming illustrations greet you as you step through the door. However, your attention will be held by the inviting display of… yes, donuts. Making the choice of which to go for is a tricky decision at the best of times, it’s even trickier when feeling sleep deprived before 8am. Although the creme brulee donut was catching my eye, I kept it simple and went for the vanilla glaze. This was paired with Baille’s Ethiopian Guji coffee. I blog a lot about tea on here but I’ll let you in on a secret – I love coffee too. Scandalous right?

Oh! Donuts Belfast

Oh Donuts Belfast Review

It’s a small cafe but there’s a number of seats if you’re not in a rush and fancy sitting in. I liked the seating arrangement a lot – a number of kissing seats line the wall so it feels a bit different. A little bit like sitting in those chairs at uni that come with a combined wobbly desk. Except considerably less uncomfortable.

Although a box of 6 donuts for £12 was tempting, I opted for the simple £5 coffee and donut combo, relieved to be getting some coffee into my veins at that ungodly hour. The Ethiopian blend really complemented the sweet deliciousness of the vanilla glaze. The vanilla flavour was subtle, I’m not sure I would have liked it had it been too overpowering. Vanilla can be a bit much in large doses but this was the ideal level.

Oh Donuts Belfast Cafe

Dale Cooper and virtually every American TV cop have been right all this time; coffee and donuts are a beautiful pairing and they are perfectly acceptable for breakfast. I wouldn’t advise making a habit out of it though.

Gone are the days of the humble donut as the sugar coated fuel of amusement parks or a quick treat from the Tesco bakery. Well made, gourmet donuts are here and in vogue, and I for one am on board with this joyful foodie movement.

And you can bet I’ll be Instagrammin the shit out of it too.



  • James Cox
    Posted at 19:27h, 29 January Reply

    Sold! Nobody wants vanilla over kill…. such a fine line between delicious and almost poisonous…

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