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Matcha Tea Review Pure Chimp

30 Mar La Tea Dah | Pure Chimp Matcha Tea Review

The online tea community has been abuzz for quite some time now about Matcha Tea. 

This traditional, Japanese tea comes in the form of a bright green powder and I was a bit wary as to whether I would like it or not.

I think I found the powder aspect a bit off-putting. I mean, with tea bags and loose-leaf teas you know what you’re dealing with. You can see tea-leaves. It feels more natural.

With a bright green powder I felt as though I had less of an idea of what’s going into my hot drink.

So, it was with trepidation and curiosity that I entered the previously uncharted lands of Matcha Tea with *Pure Chimp.

Pure Chimp Matcha Tea Review

Doing a bit of previous research my wariness of the mysterious green powder was allayed by finding out that Matcha is comprised simply of crushed green tea leaves that are shade grown with special care.

I love green tea, I’ve been drinking it for years so I pretty much needed to try Matcha. It was the next logical step in my tea obsession.

Basically, I think of Matcha as a super green tea, which is basically what it is. One serving (half a teaspoon) of Pure Chimp’s matcha tea is the equivalent of 10 cups of green tea. 

The ingredients list “Ceremonial Grade Matcha (100% pure ground tea leaves)” this means, from what I have gathered, that it is of a high enough quality to be used in tea ceremonies in Japan.

It also is described as “Produce of Japan”, the home of Matcha tea.

Matcha tea boasts so many benefits including improved energy levels, a boost to metabolism, clearer skin (Pure Chimp actually have a Natural Skin Care section on their website), packed with antioxidants, the potential to lower cholesterol and an improvement in the mind (reducing stress).

I don’t know about you, but I get a little bit of a high whenever I’m consuming something that has lots of health benefits like the above. Excitement about how healthy I’m being. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, getting caught up in the life-changing potential of tea.

I was particularly interested by the potential for clearer skin.

I’ve had more or less unrelenting trouble with my skin for over ten years now. Nothing serious or debilitating thankfully, just consistently irritated, sensitive, spot-prone skin that seems to be impervious to any solutions I’ve bought throughout the years. I still keep up that hope though. Maybe Matcha tea will help?

Pure Chimp Matcha Tea

So, let’s get to the tea.

When I opened the sachet, green smoke issued out and I was intrigued. It has a wholesome scent akin the smell of porridge I thought.

Matcha tea is best made with a bamboo whisk or electronic whisk. None of which I have unfortunately.

This is a shame as traditionally in Japan and China there is an emphasis on the preparation of the tea, taking the time to put care and thought into it. Making it into a meditative process.

However, I was determined to try some Matcha so I just took half a teaspoon and added freshly boiled water and honey. To make up for not having a whisk I just stirred viciously to get the powder to dissolve. Very meditative.

Unfortunately though, I still found that there was a bit of powder that lay at the bottom of the cup. Next time I’m going to try covering the cup and shaking it to see if this helps.

I really should just get an electronic whisk though for the perfect cup.

So how did it taste?

Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea Review

I’ve now had about three cups of Pure Chimp’s Matcha Tea in about three days and I initially found the taste to be a bit sharp with a slightly chalky texture (probably owing to the fact I don’t have a damn whisk to make the drink perfect!)

However, with honey added, I’ve actually started to get accustomed to the taste and enjoy it.

It (obviously) isn’t completely dissimilar to the taste of ordinary green tea. It is just a bit more of an intense flavour where green tea is quite light flavoured.

As to the benefits, I drank my first cup on a morning I was feeling particularly sleepy and while I wasn’t bouncing off the walls I did feel a bit perked up. It is supposed to be a slow release energy in matcha tea so this makes sense.

My skin seems to actually be going through a good phase at the moment but I can’t say whether this is due to Matcha tea or not. It does tend to be fine for a week then there’ll be some irritation back again on queue. So it isn’t out of the ordinary.

I do hold out some hope though.

Overall, I feel happy with Pure Chimp’s Matcha Tea and plan on continuing to drink a cup each morning.

There are lots of creative ways to drink Matcha aside from your normal cup of tea. Many rave about Matcha lattes. To me adding milk to Matcha tea just sounds wrong and horrible on so many levels but it must work for some.

I have also seen it added to smoothies, porridge, pancakes and desserts. There really does seem to be an obsession with it at the moment!

I have also noticed it being used as an ingredient in face masks. This is something I will probably look into further.

I’m happy enough sticking to drinking it with hot water and honey. I am interested in the other flavours that Pure Chimp have such as Mint Matcha.

Have you tried Matcha Tea? Are you a Matcha obsessive?  

Thanks to Pure Chimp for sending me a sample of their Matcha tea to try. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Finja
    Posted at 17:39h, 30 March Reply

    I keep looking for any Matcha products but somehow struggle to find them… thx for mentioning Pure Chimp, I’ll gotta check them out..
    xx finja |

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