A Classy St. Paddy's Day in Belfast | The Tipsy Bird Bar
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the tipsy bird belfast

22 Mar A Classy St. Paddy’s Day in Belfast | The Tipsy Bird

St. Patrick’s Day in Belfast is wonderful. There’s a lovely atmosphere in the city that’s difficult to describe. A bit of excitement in the air. Maybe it’s because it’s the first bank holiday of the Spring months, who knows, but when March 17th rolls round it feels as though the city is ready for a bit of merriment.

Last year, I didn’t really get the chance to celebrate St. Paddy’s but this year I had the whole day booked off. And it landed on a Friday so obviously it became a St Paddy’s weekend rather than just one day.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the weather that a momentous day like St. Paddy’s calls for. It felt wrong that there was no sun and just drizzly rain and strong winds all day. It did not feel like Spring.

Nonetheless, I was determined to get into the spirit of things to make up for missing out last year.

I wear a lot of green generally. It’s my favourite colour actually. But on St. Paddy’s Day I go a bit over the top with it all. I spend the day adorned almost head to toe in green and it feels GREAT. I just love green, okay?

Scott & I decided to check out a newly opened bar in the city, The Tipsy Bird. For anyone reading who lives locally or is just familiar with Belfast, it’s owned by the same people who own the other new-ish bar, Granny Annies. And it’s where the club Mono used to be, on Ann Street.

The Tipsy Bird Belfast

Anyway, I decided to feature The Tipsy Bird on the ‘ol blog because I really enjoyed writing about the bars we hit up in Reykjavik so why not do a write up on some of Belfast’s treasures? Also, I just really like The Tipsy Bird and want other people to know of its existence. Simple.

We went in initially to see if they did food. Unfortunately they don’t at the moment. From what I gathered though, they will be in the future.

So we went and got food elsewhere but we liked the look of the place so much that we made our tracks back afterwards.

The Tipsy Bird opened last month. It has a rustic, vintage, shabby chic-esque feel to it that’s a bit quirky and playful. There’s flowers and greenery everywhere, an old cabinet filled with vintage china, a couple of Roman-esque statues, and bird cages hanging from the ceiling. Oh and the taps in the ladies toilets ARE birds. Well, bird shaped copper taps. Basically, the place looks awesome. Lots of little details that make it stand out. For instance, I can safely say that’s the first time I’ve felt inclined to mention the TAPS in the toilets of a bar.

The Tipsy Bird Bar Belfast

The Tipsy Bird Bar Belfast

The bird theme is not limited to the name of the place & its interiors. Nope, there’s a pretty extensive cocktail menu filled with bird inspired, cheekily named options to “wet yer beak” such as “Arse Over Tit.” Yep, that’s right. Try asking the barman for that with a straight face.

After a lot of deliberation however, I decided to try out Plymouth Gin with tonic. It arrived in one of those fancy glasses that’s like a big bowl, with lots of ice, a strawberry and a sprig of mint. DELIGHTFUL.

The Tipsy Bird Bar Belfast

Whilst I tried to figure out how you’re supposed hold my fancy bowl glass, there was lots of Craig David being played and the vibe was overall just CHILL AF.

After 7pm there was a bit of live music from Jordan O’Keefe. A mixed set of covers and some of his own music. His rendition of “Shape of You” had two people up dancing and not giving a damn that they were the only ones dancing in an intimate bar. It was pretty endearing to watch.

We passed by a lot of bars in the city centre and they were all absolutely rammed to the point where it was a real struggle to even get to the bar. That’s one draw back of St. Paddy’s in Belfast – bars packed to the rafters with revellers. While The Tipsy Bird was pretty busy & we were waiting a while on our drinks, we were still able to get a seat and it even quietened down a bit after 7pm.

The Tipsy Bird Bar Belfast

The Tipsy Bird Belfast

St Paddy’s day is one of the few days when day drinking is socially acceptable and even encouraged. I ended up just having a couple of G&Ts & Scott had a beer & an Old Fashioned. I kinda felt like I was letting the side down but I also didn’t care?

Anyway, if you’re looking for a new bar to check out I highly recommend this one!

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