La Tea Dah | True Tea Club Subscription Box Review
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True Tea Club Subscription Box Review

08 Mar La Tea Dah | True Tea Club Subscription Box Review

I love the whole subscription box concept. It sounds delightful to have a surprise treat delivered to your door every month. It’s exciting enough receiving clothes or books I’ve ordered but a SURPRISE? Yes please.

So when that surprise comes in the form of four new exciting loose leaf teas I pretty much jumped at the opportunity to try *True Tea Club‘s new subscription box. Yep, tea subscription boxes DO exist. What a time to be alive. Amazing.

So. True Tea Club then, what’s their deal?

They’re a brand new tea brand based in York, UK. They specialise in an impressive SEVEN types of loose leaf tea which include white tea, black tea, oolong, chai, roobios and herbal tea.

The presentation of the box is really simple but super cute. Brown, rustic & pared back, I was a big fan of True Tea Club’s aesthetic immediately.

Little details such as straw, a welcome card and 4 empty tea bags really added to the whole look and feel of the subscription box. I particularly liked the addition of the tea bags because it provides a solution to the predicament of infusing loose leaf tea if don’t have a teapot or infuser. You have everything you need to get brewing.

True Tea Club Review

Their very first subscription box included Rainbow Chaser, Mighty Mango, Vanilla Cupcake & Earl Grey Rebel. I love the playful names.

Rainbow Chaser

True Tea Club Rainbow Chaser Review

True Tea Club’s own blend, Rainbow Chaser, immediately intrigued me. It has such a delightful selection of flavours and when I opened up the pack to take a peek there was so much colour going on! Living up to its name.

True Tea Club Rainbow Chaser Review

I found the portions of tea leaves to be a little on the small side but then again, only 1 teaspoon is needed per cup. I put in a wee bit extra as I was making it in my new glass teapot.

The standard subscription box will make you 40 cups of tea. So that would be 10 cups per packet of tea you receive.

Rainbow Chaser was the first tea I tried, obviously excited by the scent and colour. My first thoughts were that there’s a very delicate taste to it & it’s pale in colour. It does need to be infused for 5-10 minutes but even after that I wasn’t picking up on much flavour.

True Tea Club Rainbow Chaser Review

For such an exciting blend including blackberry leaves, orange peel, peppermint, nettle leaves, blossoms and rose petals I wasn’t really picking up on any of the flavours. Perhaps a HINT of orange.

It could be that because there were so many flavours going on there was no real dominant flavours coming through at all. Either way, Rainbow Chaser disappointed me a bit. I have never come across a tea like it though and would love to try it again if the flavour was improved upon a bit. Maybe having more peppermint and blackberry leaves in it? It has so much potential!

Mighty Mango

Next up was Mighty Mango. This one is a green tea and it smells DELIGHTFUL. So sweet. Pale green in colour. Doesn’t need infused as long as Rainbow Chaser, just 10-20 secs!

True Tea Club Mighty Mango Review

True Tea Club Mighty Mango Review

It has a delicate taste but there was still lots of flavour coming through. It’s sweet and light, doesn’t have that sharp green tea taste to it at all. Would be a good tea to try if you’re wanting to start drinking green tea but find the pure green tea a bit difficult to drink.

True Tea Club Mighty Mango Review

It also tastes really summery. Would be nice cold too I think, perhaps in one of those tea cocktails that have started to become popular.

Vanilla Cupcake

True Tea Club Vanilla Cupcake Review

Last Saturday afternoon when I had the WHOLE day off (a rarity) I treated myself to a cup of the South African Vanilla Cupcake rooibos tea and a treat it was.

There’s banana in the ingredients of Vanilla Cupcake which made me a bit apprehensive as I can’t convey the extent to which I hate banana. I physically cannot eat them or anything banana flavoured. It’s kind of annoying because y’know they’re good for you etc. I’ve tried to eat them but I can’t.

I constantly ate bananas and banana flavoured cereal when I was very young apparently. My Mum reckons I ate banana SO much I’ve put myself off it forever.

ANYWAY. While there is the slightest undertone of banana recognisable in the taste and scent of this tea, it works really well with the other ingredients (such as cane sugar, honey, rose petals and coconut oil) and enhances the overall flavour.

True Tea Club Vanilla Cupcake Review

True Tea Club Vanilla Cupcake Review

Vanilla Cupcake is very sweet and would work well as an after dinner treat if you’re trying to cut back your intake of actual sweets etc. If you’re a sweet tooth like me you might even enjoy adding a bit of extra sugar or honey to this along with milk to enhance the sweetness and give a richer taste!

Earl Grey Rebel

I finished off my True Tea Club experience with a foray into previously unexplored realms of the tea world; a liaison with the Earl. The Earl of the Grey (and rebellious) variety.

So yeah, shock horror, I’d never actually tried Earl Grey tea before. I had it in my head that I wouldn’t like it so I avoided it. UNTIL NOW.

Sourced from Asia, I was intrigued by the mysterious Earl due to the deliciously citrus scent. It’s a really pretty looking tea which sounds weird BUT it includes cornflower petals mixed with dark brown tea leaves and orange peel pieces.

True Tea Club Earl Grey Rebel Review
True Tea Club Earl Grey Rebel Review

There’s a lovely, aromatic scent off this black tea when you have it brewing which adds to the whole tea drinking experience. It was nice that the citrus presence came through well in the taste. It actually reminded me a little bit of lemon green tea except much richer.

True Tea Club Earl Grey Rebel Review

The citrus influence was so present that it verged slightly on the bitter side which I enjoyed because I like bitter tastes.

Apparently you can drink Earl Grey with milk added to it but after trying it I think milk would have ruined it and clashed horribly with the citrus flavours. Personal preference though I suppose.

Although I do enjoy my tea strong I wouldn’t advise brewing this one for too long. I kept the tea bag in my cup while drinking it and it became a bit too bitter and sharp after a while.

SO. Overall I really enjoyed my True Tea Club subscription box and think it would make a lovely monthly treat for any tea lover out there who’s keen to try new teas!

If you’re intrigued, True Tea Club are currently offering a lovely 50% off your first subscription box with the code “LOVE” at the checkout. This means you can get the standard box for just a fiver. AND free UK delivery. An absolute steal.

Also, if you’ve been reading this thinking that you’d like to get a subscription box but you hate Earl Grey for instance, you can leave a note at the checkout letting them know that you do not want the Earl to be included in your subscription.

Alternatively, if you get a subscription box and become completely ENAMOURED with the Earl (I promise that’s the last Earl innuendo) subscribers can get 15% off an individual tea in the True Tea Club online tea shop.

Their next box is out on the 20th but if you’re keen to try this box in particular you can order any time between now and March 20th.

Thanks to the folk at True Tea Club for letting me try their very first subscription box. Although I was gifted the box, all opinions and Earl Grey innuendos in this post are completely my own.




  • Kate
    Posted at 14:56h, 08 March Reply

    I’m totally and entirely dedicated to tea, this sounds like a dream come true. I agree that milk totally ruins early grey, it’s definitely best served black. Glad they include tea bags as i’d be totally lost!
    Kate ||

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