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27 Jul La Tea Dah | Whittard of Chelsea Tea Set Review

A few months back when I stayed in Edinburgh for a few days I stumbled upon a delightful little tea/coffee/hot chocolate shop called Whittard of Chelsea. Around since 1886, I’d say with that experience it’s a safe bet that their tea game is strong.

Being from Belfast, we don’t have a Whittard here however I did recently find out that there is one in Antrim and I am very, very excited by this news.

ANYWAY, being the tea fiend that I am I thought a tea set would make for a unique little souvenir to bring back home with me.

As you can see, I got three different loose leaf teas in my set. They come in those cute little vintage floral print tins which I believe are called caddies. They add a bit of extra refinement to the whole tea drinking experience I have to say.

This is the sort of tea you want to put in a tea pot. The fancier the better I say. Go all out. The flavours included in my set are – Jasmine, Moroccan Mint and Gunpowder.

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Let’s get one thing clear: I love jasmine tea. I’d say it’s my favourite kind. Bold statement, I know.

My Whittard jasmine tea has a heavenly scent. If you’ve had a bad day, this is the stuff you need. I could make it just to sit and inhale the warm, comforting aroma. But that would be madness!

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So how did it taste? I enjoy a strong brew. So whenever I poured this at first I thought it was a bit too subtle and delicate to my liking although this would be a good thing for many people – jasmine tea is supposed to have a delicate flavour.

So, I let mine stew in the tea pot just that bit longer. This is something I have found with loose leaf tea, you need to leave it infusing for a good bit longer than you would with regular old tea bags. So with that wee bit longer in the teapot it tasted pretty fantastic. Jasmine tea is quite… perfume-y. In a similar way that Earl Grey is. However, my Whittard jasmine tea wasn’t too overpowering in its flowery, perfume-y taste. It was delightfully subtle.

Moroccan Mint

Now, this was the tea that I was super excited for. I’ve heard magical things about Moroccan mint tea and always wanted to try it so I suppose this was the closest way that I could.

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I find that peppermint tea when you have it in teabag format many of the tea brands taste very similar and it’s difficult to detect many differences. So I was eager to see how Whittard Moroccan mint matched up.

It smelt lighter and more delicate than an ordinary peppermint tea bag but I feel this was to be expected what with it being loose leaf tea. It tasted really refreshing with an ever so slightly sweet tinge coming through which was a really nice change from my ordinary peppermint tea bags.


I have been drinking green tea for about three or so years now and I have found that, with tea bags at least, the taste can either be very sharp or very, very delicate.

With Whittard Gunpowder tea the aroma was similar to the Jasmine tea but without that flowery, perfume-y scent that I love.

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There was no sharpness or weird, unpleasant and lingering aftertaste that I’ve found with green teas in the past. Just a smooth taste. I’d say this would be a good green tea to start off drinking as I think many people are put off by green tea from the onset because they start with the wrong one and just write off the rest.

All in all, I was really pleased with my Whittard tea set. I paid just £7 for these three, fancy teas.  There’s plenty in the little caddies to keep me going for a good while too. When I’m ordering loose leaf tea in the future I would definitely put Whittard high up on my list of preferences as they have such a lovely collection.

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